【クララ:3】Sightseeing in Tokyo 東京観光


Tokyo Station 東京駅(7月4日)

Today, after work, I went to Tokyo Station. I took me literally 15 minutes to get out of the station, just so that you can imagine the size of the central station. I took a walk around the area of Tokyo Station, where I could see many beautiful skyscrapers. For dinner I went to the Ramen Street, which is located underneath the station. There were shops where the people waited 30 minutes to buy a soup, but after tasting one of them I could understand why.

今日は仕事の後、東京駅に行きました。駅から出るのに大げさじゃなく15分かかりました。東京の中央駅の大きさが想像できるかと思います。 東京駅の周辺を歩くと、素敵な高層ビルがたくさん見えました。夕飯は駅の下にあるラーメンストリートに行きました。一杯食べるために30分も待っている人がいましたが、私も実際に食べてみてその理由が分かりました。



Evening with colleagues 会社の皆さんとの夕食(7月5日)

Today was a special day at work, because of the visit of the salesmen of igus, who came from different cities in Japan. In the morning Sam and I had to introduce ourselves in front of everybody. After work, a group of colleagues, Sam and I went to a …….. restaurant, where we had to take off our shoes and sit on a traditional table. In these kinds of restaurants you order little plates with food and share it with everybody. In the end, the bill is split in equal parts. It was really great to spend the evening with the colleagues and see how people in Japan go out. We ate and laughed a lot.

今日は特別な日で、日本各地からイグスの営業の方々が集まる日でした。朝、サムと私は皆さんの前で自己紹介をしました。 仕事の後、何人かの社員さんとサムと私で食事に行きましたが、そこは靴を脱いで、伝統的なテーブルの周りに座るスタイルの店でした。 このような店では、小皿をいくつも頼んで、皆でシェアします。そして最後は割り勘します。 皆さんと夕飯を共にし、日本人のやり方を見ることができたのは本当に良かったです。私たちはたくさん食べ、たくさん笑いました。

Meiji Shrine 明治神宮(7月6日)

My first weekend in Japan started on Saturday. In the morning I took the JR to go to the Meiji Shrine, which is located in the west of the city, in a park between Shibuya and Shinjuku. I was lucky to have gotten there early, because of the high number of tourists that go there every day. At first I struggled a little bit, because in the entrance of the Shrine, there was a kind of lavatory where you purify yourself before going in the Shrine. There is also an order in which you purify your hands and the ritual ends by spitting water in front of the lavatory. The Shrine itself was very beautiful and I even had the chance to see a newly weds, who wore traditional wedding clothes. From the Meiji Shrine I went to Roppongi Hills and then I walked my way through the Akasaka District. In the afternoon, I went to a Japanese Garden that belonged to a hotel. I found the atmosphere in the garden very relaxing, considering that it was located in the middle of the city.

日本で過ごす初めての週末の土曜日。朝JRに乗って、東京の西側、渋谷と新宿の間の公園にある明治神宮に行きました。毎日多くの観光客が来るそうなので、早く着いて良かったです。 明治神宮の入り口で、最初少し戸惑いました。神社に入る前に身を清める手洗い場のようなものがありました。また、手の清め方にも順序があり、最後には口をゆすいで手洗い場で水を吐き出します。 神社はとても美しく、伝統的な和装の新婚夫婦も見ることもできました。 明治神宮から六本木ヒルズに行き、そこから赤坂方面へと歩きました。 午後はホテルの日本庭園に行きました。東京の真ん中にあるのに、庭園はとてもゆったりとした雰囲気でした。


Tanabata 七夕(7月7日)

On Sunday, Mio-San and Aiko-San invited us to go to Ueno, where a traditional summer festival, called Tanabata, took place. Two stars, Vega and Altair, who represent a couple in the legend, only meet once a year. This day is celebrated on the 7th of July. A whole street was dedicated to the festival and it was decorated with colourful lanterns. There were many stands with food and we even tried a game where you had to catch goldfishes with thin paper.

After walking through the street, we went to the Sensoji Temple, which is also very famous in Tokyo. Aiko-San, Sam and I read our fortune. In case that you got a bad fortune, you had to tie the paper around a pole so that it won’t come true. To escape the crowd of tourists, we went to a tea house, in which I tried Matcha tea and Japanese dessert for the first time.

日曜日、ミオさんとアイコさんが私たちを上野に連れて行ってくれました。そこでは「七夕」と呼ばれる伝統的な夏祭りが行われていました。 伝説の中の一組の男女を表す2つの星、つまりベガ(おりひめ)とアルタイル(ひこぼし)は年に一度しか会えません。それが7月7日なのです。 通り全体がお祭り一色になり、カラフルな提灯で飾られていました。食べ物の屋台がたくさん出ていて、私たちは薄い紙で金魚を捕まえるゲームにも挑戦しました。

通りをずっと歩いた後は、東京で非常に有名な浅草寺に行きました。アイコさん、サム、私はおみくじを引きました。悪いおみくじを引いた場合は、本当にそうならないように紙を棒に巻き付けなければいけないそうです。 その後、観光客の人混みから逃れるため、喫茶店に行きました。そこで初めての抹茶を飲み、和菓子を食べました。



Mio-San and Aiko-San made a reservation in a Yukata renting, where we were able to try on these traditional clothes, that you usually wear for summer festivals. I found the robes and its patterns very beautiful. However, I wondered how people in the old days could breathe, sit and walk in the robes, because the belt that you wear around the belly is very tight.


In the afternoon we participated in a Tanabata workshop that was held in the tourism office of Asakasa. We decorated fans and Bamboo sticks. The tradition says to hang your wishes for the year around the bamboo leafs and they eventually will come true. All in all, it was a great day and I was happy to learn more about Japanese traditions! So thank you again, Mio-San and Aiko-San.

午後は、浅草観光センターの七夕ワークショップに参加し、団扇作りや竹の飾りつけを体験しました。伝統では、竹の枝にお願い事をつるすと後で叶うのだそうです。 すべてが素晴らしい一日で、日本の伝統についてもっと学ぶことができて嬉しかったです。だから、ミオさん、アイコさん、本当にありがとうございました。