【クララ:6】Sam’s farewell party / Visiting many places in Tokyo サムの送別会 / 東京探検


Sam’s farewell party サムの送別会(7月12日)

Today was the last day of Sam’s internship. In the morning, I did the English Conversation School, which was very fun. In the afternoon, Sam held his presentation about his internship and his stay in Japan. It was very interesting to hear everything he had experienced here. A lot of people joined the presentation and were very impressed by it.

今日はサムのインターン最終日でした。私は午前中に英会話教室をやりましたが、とても楽しかったです。 午後、サムは自分のインターンシップや日本滞在についてプレゼンを行いました。彼が日本で体験したすべてを聞けるのは非常に面白かったです。たくさんの人たちが見にきて、サムのプレゼンに感動していました。

After work, Sam’s farewell party took place in a restaurant near the office. We were about 20 people and had an own room with several tables. The restaurant we went to was a Shabu Shabu restaurant. On every table was a big bowl with a hot liquid (I can’t remember what kind). There were also various boxes with different kinds of meat and you had the possibility to choose between many vegetables. Everything was cooked in this hot liquid. I think it was one of the best restaurants I have ever been to! The atmosphere was very great and I enjoyed talking to Mio-San, Ai-San and Nakao-San.

仕事の後、オフィスの近くのレストランでサムの送別会が行われました。全部で約20人参加し、テーブルが複数ある部屋を貸し切りで使えました。 私たちが行ったレストランはしゃぶしゃぶの店でした。各テーブルに熱いスープ(種類を忘れてしまいました)が入った大きな鍋がありました。異なる種類のお肉が入った ボックスもあり、たくさんの野菜から自分たちで選ぶことができました。そしてすべてをその熱いスープの中で調理しました。私が今まで行った中でも最高のお店の一つだったと思います。雰囲気はとても良く、ミオさん、アイさん、ナカオさんと楽しくおしゃべりしました。

After the restaurant, some of the colleagues, Sam and I went to a Karaoke. It was the first time for me and at first I was a little shy. Towards the end it got better and I think Sam and I really enjoyed experiencing a typical Japanese evening.


Harajuku and Shibuya 原宿と渋谷(7月13日)

Today I took the metro to go to Harajuku and Shibuya. I really liked the Cat Street in Harajuku, because there were many unique boutiques with fashion items I had never seen before. The district itself was very beautiful and since it isn’t far away from Shibuya, I decided to go there, too.

今日はメトロに乗って原宿と渋谷に行きました。 私は原宿のキャットストリートがとても気に入りました。今まで見たことがないような個性的なファッションショップがたくさんありました。そのエリア自体もとても美しく、渋谷から遠くなかったのでそのまま渋谷に行くことにしました。

I saw the Shibuya Crossing, which was impressive. However, I have never seen that much people in my life. There were crowds everywhere. I entered the Shibuya 109, a big mall in the center of Shibuya. Shibuya 109 was very overwhelming, because of the crowd, but also because of the shop assistants who were constantly shouting that there were sales.
In the evening I met Sam for dinner and we went to a sushi restaurant.

渋谷の交差点を見ましたが、すごかったです。これまでの人生であんなに多くの人を見たことはありませんでした。あらゆる場所が人だらけでした。 渋谷の中心にある大きなショッピングセンター、渋谷109にも行きました。そこにも人がたくさんいて、お店の店員さんたちが「セールです」と叫び続けていたので私は圧倒されてしまいました。

Shimo-kitazawa 下北沢(7月14日)


In the morning I went to visit the Imperial Palace, which is not far away from the Tokyo Station. Unfortunately it was raining all the time, but it was still very beautiful.



After visiting the east gardens of the Imperial Palace, I took the metro to go to Shimo-kitazawa. It took me a little bit of time to go there, but it was totally worth it. The district was very vibrant and there were a lot of vintage shops. I spend the whole afternoon in Shimo-kitazawa, just going from one shop to the other. It was a great day!


Toyosu and Odaiba 豊洲とお台場(7月15日)

Today I met Eriko at the Toyosu Station. We wanted to go to the teamlab-museum, which is about 5 minutes away from the station. Luckily we had reserved our tickets the previous evening, because there were many people there. We had to wait about 20 minutes to go in.


It was a very special museum, because you got to really experience the art. We had to take off our shoes because in some rooms, there was water that went up to your knees. It is hard to describe the museum because every room was very different from the other. In many exhibition rooms the floor was made of mirrors and there were different light installations. I found it very amazing and it was very unique.




After the museum, we took a special train to go to Odaiba. On the way I could see the different constructions for the Olympics. I was also able to see a part of the Olympic village. In Odaiba, we sat down at the artificial beach and looked at the very futuristic view. In the evening, we went to another district where we ate Monja for dinner.

ミュージアムの後、特別な電車(訳注:ゆりかもめ)に乗ってお台場に行きました。 途中、オリンピック用の建設が見えました。オリンピック村も少し見えました。お台場では人工の砂浜に座り、とても未来的な景色を眺めました。 夜は別のエリアに移り、夕飯にもんじゃ焼きを食べました。