【クララ:7】Nagoya and Kyoto 名古屋と京都


Nagoya 名古屋(7月16日~18日)

On Tuesday, I took the Shinkansen for the first time to go to Nagoya. I was very impressed by the Shinkansen, because it is always on time and very well organized. After Kenny-San and I arrived in Nagoya we met with the salesmen and went out for dinner.

火曜日、初めての新幹線に乗って名古屋に行きました。新幹線は時刻通りですべてがきちんとしていて、とても感動しました。 北川さんと名古屋に着いたあと、営業の方々に会い夕食を食べに行きました。

On Wednesday, the day of the exhibition, I met Sawada-San in the morning to go to the exhibition hall. The exhibition hall was located a little bit outside the city center. It was great to meet all the salesmen and to look at the igus booth. It definitely was the most colorful one in the whole exhibition. Sawada-San explained the igus products to me and I recognized the e-chain from my work on the catalogues. The exhibition was very exhausting, because we had to stand all day long and I wasn’t used to it.

After the exhibition we went to a restaurant where I tried the famous Nagoya chicken wings and I must say they are as good as everyone told me.



On Thursday, I got up early to visit Nagoya. I went to the Nagoya Castle, which was very impressive and beautiful. In the afternoon, I met Kenny-San at Nagoya Station and we took the Shinkansen to go to Kyoto.



In the evening, we met with Kunita-San (who was so kind to join us in Kyoto) and Sam. We took a taxi to the city center and went to a very exclusive restaurant. We had a whole room just for us. The food was very good and also very special, because there were some elements that were very unusual for me. For instance, I tried fish entrails for the first time. However, the food was not the only special thing about this night.

Kenny-San invited some Geishas to join us, one Maiko-San and one Geiko-San. It was very impressive to see real Geishas, since you hear so much about them. They were very kind and also funny. They performed some kind of traditional dance for us and we played a traditional game. It was such a great experience and I want to thank Kenny-San again for inviting us and Kunita-San for coming from Tokyo to join us.


北川さんが芸者さんを呼んでいたのです。一人は舞妓さん、もう一人は芸奴さんです。芸者さんについては聞いたことがありましたが、本物に会えるなんて本当に感動です。彼女たちはとても親切で面白い人たちでした。そして、伝統的な踊りを披露してくださり、一緒にお座敷遊びもしました。 本当に素晴らしい体験でした。私たちを招待してくださった北川さん、わざわざ東京から来てくださったクニタさんに感謝します。

Kyoto 京都(7月19日~21日)

On my first day in Kyoto I visited the east side of the city. I started at the Ginkakuji temple, which I really liked with its beautiful gardens. From there I walked past the Path of Philosophy until I arrived at the Heian Jingu Shrine. I also noticed that you can find a temple or a shrine at any point in the city, because there are so many. After visiting the Heian Jingu Shrine I went to the Kiyomezudera Temple. The view from the temple was gorgeous. Unfortunately the temple was still in renovation, but I could still walk around the temple and enjoy the view.

京都初日、私は街の東側を見て回りました。最初に行った銀閣寺は、お庭が美しくとても気に入りました。そこから哲学の道を通り、平安神宮に行きました。京都市内にはたくさんのお寺や神社があるので、どこに行ってもそのような場所がありました。 平安神宮の次は、清水寺に行きました。そこからの眺めは見事でした。残念なことにお寺は改装中でしたが、それでもお寺の周りを歩いて景色を楽しむことができました。


In the afternoon I took the JR to the Fushimi Inari Shrine. The entrance of the shrine was very crowded, but when I walked a little bit further it was better. I really liked the orange gates and the atmosphere. In the evening I took the bus to the Gion district and walked around the river. The streets were illuminated with lanterns and you could get a glimpse of what the Kyoto looked like in the old days.

午後、JRに乗って伏見稲荷大社に行きました。入り口はとても混雑していましたが、少し進むとましになりました。朱色の鳥居や雰囲気がとても素敵でした。 夕方、バスに乗って祇園地区に行き川沿いを歩きました。通りはちょうちんの明かりで照らされていて、昔の京都を見ているような気分になりました。


On Saturday, Sawada-San and Kobayashi-San invited Sam and I to an excursion. We had lunch in a very cute restaurant near the river and then we went to the Nishiki market where Sam and I tried different Japanese specialties. After that we went to a special spot where we took a sightseeing train to go to the Arashiyama forest. For dinner we ate Okonomiyaki, because Sam wanted to eat it one last time before he leaves. It was a great day and we had a lot of fun!

土曜日、サワダさんとコバヤシさんに誘われてサムも一緒に出かけました。川沿いのとても可愛らしいお店で昼食を食べてから錦市場に行き、サムと私は日本の名物を色々食べました。 その後、特別な場所から観光列車に乗り、嵐山に行きました。 夕食にはお好み焼きを食べました。サムが帰国前にもう一度食べておきたいと言ったからです。素晴らしい一日でとても楽しかったです!



On my last day in Kyoto I went to the west side of the city. I visited the Kinkakuji and the Ryoanji Temple, which I both really liked. Afterwards, I went to the former Imperial palace. In the afternoon I began to shop some souvenirs and at 8 pm I took the Shinkansen to come back to Tokyo.

京都最終日は、街の西側に行きました。金閣寺と龍安寺は両方ともとても気に入りました。その後、京都御所に行きました。 午後はお土産を買って回り、午後8時新幹線に乗って東京に帰ってきました。