Hello reader, I am Philipp. こんにちは、フィリップです


Hello reader, I am Philipp a German intern in a Japanese branch. First of all I want to introduce myself and how I came here.




I’m a 18 years old student from Muenster in North Rhine Westphalia and in august 2018 I will begin my training as a IT Specialist. My dad working at igus HQ in cologne in Germany. And this is why I’m here. Igus have an intern program where they offers the opportunity for igus worker children to do an internship abroad. So I decided to apply and just a few days later it’s signed and sealed, I will do an internship in a branch I can choose.

僕は、ノルトライン=ヴェストファーレン州ミュンスターの18才の学生で、2018年の夏から、IT スペシャリストとしてのトレーニングを開始する予定です。イグスには、イグスで働く従業員の子供向けに海外の支社でインターンができるプログラムがあり、僕もそれに参加しました。参加を決めてから数日後には契約書にサインして、インターンとして行く支社を選ぶことが出来ました。


After a few considerations Japan was the chosen one. The branch from igus japan is located in Tokyo, Sumida-ku near the Skytree tower. I choose Tokyo because I was interested in the culture, the food and the lifestyle. Also I want to go somewhere far away just for the adventure. 


So I think this are the basic information you have to know why I’m here and I don’t want to borrow you with the paperwork, long flight and complications. 


So I arrived on the 08 July 2018 in Haneda Airport, also known as Tokyo international Airport, at 10:45. At the exit waits Mr. Kitagawa for me, he is the branch leader from igus japan. While we drive from the airport to the branch we talked a lot about life in japan, my plans here and important behaves.


After we arrived at the company we buy a coffee and talk more. Then we go to my apartment where I can leave suitcases and ask questions about the AC, the washing machine, the cooker and basics how to life here.


So we went shopping then and this was funny, I can’t read anything and the pictures printed on the package aren’t helpful at all. But I bought some toast, which is really delicious, and salami sausage. After that he leaves me alone so that I can talk to my parents who waits for my call and unpack my suitcase.


Kinshicho city 錦糸町


At 18:00 o’clock we met again for diner. We went to a sushi bar and it was very delicious, except the one with caviar and sea urchin. My favorite is Squid because it hasn’t this extremely fish taste and Squid is harder than to bite than normal fish like salmon, red snapper or so.  




After the diner Mr. Kitagawa went back home and I decided to go the street up to the Skytree Tower to feel some Tokyo flair. I stayed there for two hours talking to family and friends and it was so hot even when it was already after sunset. I went back home around 22:30 think about the next days and how my first work day will be.