Fireworks and Japan 花火と日本


On Friday morning I have to do some mundane work. My whole working day was to copy and paste dates from a software into an Excel sheet. There is nothing more to say about it, really mundane really boring. But very important for security.


After work I went into the city and get some diner with people I knew since the first weekend here in japan. I also met new people and my cultural friends are growing. On Saturday I went with a friend to the Adachi Firework in the evening. This was a very, probably the most, beautiful firework I have experienced. After the fireworks and the big crowd going back to the subway we decided to go home to.


The next day was nice too, we went to the Tokyo national museum on the noon. It was interesting, but for people like us, it’s not this interesting it should be. Sorry I’m not so into history and I don’t care this much about history too. But the museum was air-conditioned and it was a nice experience.


After the museum we went to a kind of greeting festival what was in front of the museum place. It was the Australian-Japan-Greeting or something like this. And there was so much good looking grilled meat and the smell was seducing as well. Bad for me was that I ate my Onigiri just a few minutes before we went there. After this we went to some kind of main shopping street near the Yoyogi Park. We walked and get some Bubble tea. One tea later I went home to do some household and I have to cook lunch for Monday. I think I was the only one in the whole apartment complex who cook at midnight.


After the weekend I can say it was nice to do my first touristic action here and I will definitely do more during workdays. I think about the Tokyo Skytree on Wednesday but we will see. I can also say something more about my feelings here in and about Japan. On the first few days I was totally excited about this awesome city with his bright advertisements and the fast lifestyle, but this is also demanding. In the meanwhile there are some things I experience who aren’t very nice. From the small things like the trouble if two people about to ran into each other and you have to dodge, to bigger problems like the opening hours from stores and the Metro/ JR.


At the moment I can’t say if I would like it here so much that I want to live here later or if this is for me more like a holiday country. I still love the city and the country but I experience these little things more often every day. Another good example are the politeness. I know I said that I love them for this politeness. And I do this, really, but in some cases I think to myself things like: “Why did you ask?” and “Okay I got it.”. Yesterday I need some more rice and went to the store, in the last twenty minutes, and there are two kinds of rice, washed and unwashed. I needed washed rice, so I asked a grocery employee and I could see she couldn’t understand me she don’t want to leave even when I was acting really obviously that I will ask someone other. This is the kind of politeness who is demanding.


But all in all I still love it to live here. I like the work, the free time, the meals and of course the people because without them everything here wouldn’t be this awesome.