Typical intern task for 2 days 典型的なインターン作業、2日間


Today was a tedious day. The whole working day I have to destroy folder after folder after folder. But this is a typical intern task, nobody wants to do it but someone have to do this. And it’s always the intern to which it depends. At least I get a little timeout to help two coworkers with catalogues we have to prepare for the customers. So this was my working day.


Luckily my free time was better. In the afternoon a friend shows up and we went to the Tokyo Skytree Tower to watch the special lightning and we talked a lot about everything. After that we went to Sumida Park and sat there for a couple of hours and talked even more. She is a German visitor and so it was very simple to talk freely for more than four hours about everything what was in our minds. After that relaxed evening I went to bed early. Sounds like a boring day but it was nice to talk in German and see a little bit from Sumida. Tomorrow I will buy a Yukata because the days here are so hot and for free time a Yukata would be very nice.


On Tuesday I finished my work from Monday and get another task. The new one was again a intern like work, but this time it wasn’t so boring. I have to order a lot of catalogues and information material. This was more interesting than expected but I couldn’t finish this work today either.


After work I went to a Shop and bought me a Yukata with Geta and a Kinchaku. So now I’m prepared for the next firework on Saturday. I also wanted one as a souvenir. A light summer dress what looks cool is the best gift I can make for myself. I am interested in the reaction from my family and friends if they see me in this.