An average day, and Maid Café いつもの日常と、メイド喫茶


On Monday I worked on a task who swirls your brain into brain slime. The task was, take two paper and slide them into clear view paper. 800 of them. Good for me was that I can changed between reading the catalogue, slide the papers into the clear view cases and working on my presentation. So I changed a lot between the tasks when one is getting to boring.


In the free time I met me again with my German friend and we went again to Akihabara. But today we had a mission. Today we will experience the full dose of Japan’s strangest side. We went into a Maid Café. And holy, it wasn’t disappointing. I feel not often this uncomfortable in my life before. We didn’t expect this. Once in a lifetime experience and this is also enough for my next life.


After that shocking and traumatic experience we went to the Sumida River and found probably the best place in Tokyo. We sat there drank cold Coffee and talked for hours. I was at home at 02:30 and fall asleep very fast.


The Tuesday was an average day here. At work I had to do some tasks consisting of reading the catalogue, writing my presentation and stamp 600 invitations for an exhibition. I finished every work I had to do. This is good because tomorrow I will go to igus factory for two days.


After work I had to clean my Apartment, wash a lot of clothes and take a little nap between the idle while the washing machine cleans my clothes. In the evening I met a last time my German friend. She show me her new Yukata and we eat dinner together. In my Apartment with prepared food. After I hung up all my wet clothes to dry I packed my suitcase for tomorrow and went to bed.