Warehouse and assembly Area from igus Japan イグスの倉庫兼組立工場



On Wednesday Barreau-san and three other IT-Colleague take me to the Warehouse and assembly Area from igus Japan. First we had to take the Shinkansen and then change to the local train who drove half an hour into the Tochigi Prefecture. When we left the train there was only countryside. And it becomes more Countryside while we drove from the Station fifteen minutes to the Warehouse. There was nothing but good network. Just by the way the mobile network in Japan is so great that you have everywhere connection. After we spend our day there, consisting of trying to understand the networking and the struggle to find a solution.


After work we planned to go to a Ramen restaurant but I don’t know what happened that we didn’t go there. We ended at a Convenience Store and bought there our dinner. Just to give you a relation how far we were out in the countryside I give you the following example. In Tokyo there is a Convenience Store around the next Corner, literally. So you can easily find one in Tokyo. Out there we had to drive five minutes to find one Store. And this Store was probably the all handling area in the nearby Area. There was with us whole three more people! However we drove to a Golf resort and it was pretty nice. Of course we didn’t play Golf because we are on a business trip and it was already night. But the resort have a nice hotel with very comfortable beds. So we eat your food and had a relaxed evening.



On the next morning I woke up with a beautiful view on the Golf course and a very relaxed feeling. I wanted to wash me and take a shower and there is a difference to normal hotels here. You don’t have a shower in your room only in the first and fourth floor a public bathroom in the style of a Public Bath, with the black water the naked thing and ONLY seating showers. So yes, now I have experience the whole bath feeling with sitting on the plastic bucket. But like a lot of things it wasn’t that gross and unpleasant than expected. Actually it was quite nice to seat while you take a shower.



So after this we checked out and drove back to the other part of the assembly hall which is located around one kilometer before the big assembly hall/ office. The IT solutions there were not as expected. And after a meeting and inspection we went back to the big office. So this day was a not really great experience for my coworkers, because they knew who have to tidy a lot of job. But for me it was really interesting and I learned a lot of the IT Infrastructure of igus. After work day we drove back to Tokyo and had a little time to refresh yourself before we go to a business dinner. And what should I say. The food was more than tasty. We were invited to a BBQ and Loo Kee-san grilled the meat. This was so good, you could really taste that a good Hobby Chef was on the grill. After the delicious dinner the day ended too soon and I went at home and go to sleep.


This was the best working experience I will get here. First of all the travel to the countryside was interesting as well as the countryside itself. But the most important thing, why this two days was the best experience so far, is very simple. I was really interested in IT, I mean E-Chains, Drylin and all the other products are interesting, but IT is my life. Also it was nice to talk to German people and hear something about the job I will do later after my internship in Germany. And also interesting was the way how they ended up being an IT guy outside from Cologne.