In-house exhibition and Nakano city 社内展示会、その後中野へ


Today I have an in-house exhibition with Coworkers in Mitaka, Tokyo. And what should I say. Exhibitions are boring if you can’t talk to the visitors. So during the exhibition I standing around like a donkey. At least the time before and after the exhibition was nice. When we arrive in Mitaka we had a nice lunch at a Chinese restaurant. And in comparison to Chinese restaurants located in Germany there is a difference like day and night. Here you really eat Chinese food in Germany you only eat seared noodles with chicken. So German Chinese restaurants are no comparison and an insult for all Chinese people who hope to eat traditional Chinese food in Germany. However after the lunch we go to the exhibition and introduced a lot of interested engineers into igus. Okay my coworker did I was just standing around and smiled. After this really hard working day two employees take me to the Nakano Broadway and show me the interesting shops. A lot of watch shops with inhuman prices but also a lot of Anime and Manga Merchandise and stuff. And there was dolls, not my favorite stores to be honest. They look creepy to me.


Okay so after the Shopping Mall we went to a cheap but very delicious BBQ. And this shop was open since 30 years. But it was cozy and delicious. After the dish I went back home and nothing more happened.