The last firework 最後の花火


On the weekend I had plans to celebrate the beginning of the summer vacation from my Japanese friend and go to the Edogawa Firework with her. And both happened. But the nice thing was we went to the firework in a Yukata and this is really amazing to see nearly all people in a Yukata and you are one part of the crowd. I liked it. So we watched the firework and talked. Unfortunately she bought a pick nick blanket which was really small and we had a little struggle to sit properly on it. In the end she sat on the blanked and I moved every time a little bit more to the edge and at the end half of my body was on the grass. Anyway it was the best firework here and I will never forget it. All in all it was a nice last weekend and I know already I miss the Culture, the people and the food. I know but the food is really good here. One day will be back and do all the nice things again. And do more sightseeing, probably. I don’t know yet. Anyway since Sunday I feel sad because I know I only have one week left.