A customer visit and Monja 事例見学ともんじゃ


This Monday nothing big and interesting happened. At work I wrote a lot into my presentation and notes but nothing more. Also on my free time I had done nearly nothing interesting, I bought water and went to a Park. I can say that I miss Tokyo already and this is really a big issue because I’m sad that I had to leave. Whatever tomorrow will be a great day.


This Tuesday is a good day. First of all I will visit one of the customers from igus. And see how the products are assembled in the End. Simplified the same why we went to the VR Zone Shinjuku, to see the practical application of igus products. And it was interesting because this customer build huge Cutting machines and the height and width of the machines are just massive.


Before we went to the factory we had a long car drive because we had to go all the way out to Chiba prefecture. And we ate Curry. I like the Japanese ordering system. You can call the waiter with a button and he don’t bother you ever few minutes like they do in Germany. Also you can mostly choose how you want your dish. Choose the amount of rice, the amount of fat in your Ramen, how hard you want the noodles, the spicy and a lot more options. However we went to a Curry restaurant and I ordered Curry with pork and the spicy level 2. Level 2 from level 10. And even level 2 was a little bit too hot for me. And I thought I can eat hot.



So after this hot lunch we went to the facility. After the visit we go back over the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line what was really impressive. I never been on an island what is artificial. And the Air was so clean, I can smell the salt in the air and breathe freely. In Tokyo is warm and heave air, used and polluted but there on the sea the air is clean. Anyway after we has seen there the big drill head they used to drill the tunnel we drove back through the tunnel. And then traffic jam. So my workday was finished with traffic jam.



But the best part wasn’t the visit or the fresh air. The best part was around 8pm when I was eating Monja with my Japanese friend. It’s her favorite food and she told me I had to try it, so I invited her to eat it together. And I was happy that she was with me. Not only for fun during the dinner no because she know how to eat it. When I would try it alone for my first time without a picture instruction I would be lost. Okay Monja is a mix from cabbage and a lot of other stuff you can chop, like bacon, kimuchi or cheese. And the other part is some kind of uncooked egg, I think. Anyway she show me how to eat this delicious meal. We had three Monja, I don’t know if this is much but if it much. It was tasty! Enough said. After finished meal we bought ice and I tried the Mochi Ice the Germans recommended. And it was good, not the best ice in my life but good. A solid 6.5 out of 10. The evening ended too soon. But only because we know the next meet again is far away.