rainy and cloudy 雨そして曇り


Today I was working on as a package packer for some Coworkers. We ordered boxes full of catalogues and store them into shelfs. Also I do some PC tasks who are mundane.


The weather was like my feelings, rainy and cloudy. First of all a new Typhoon was coming and the weather was like this since yesterday evening. Here you can see the comparison between the good weather and bad weather.


And I was a little bit sad because I had this mundane and demanding work and I have only four days left. Tomorrow I will start packing and throw away what I don’t need anymore. I really enjoyed the time here and I don’t want to go back to Germany where a boring training waits for me. Anyway I bought a lot of souvenirs for my family and friends. This is always a good feeling because shopping. After that I tidy up my Apartment and went to bed.