Go to Akihabara after work 仕事終わりに秋葉原へ 


On my first day of work I have to introduce myself to my new colleagues and they tell me how they work and introduce me the products they distributes. They also have lots of questions about Germany but I have also a lots of questions about Japan.


For lunch I eat with a group of coworkers at a nearby restaurant. And it tastes very good, the Meat I ate was very fat but especially the fat transferred the taste from the sauce into the meat. So after lunch the meeting continues and I learned more about the company and their products. The first work day was very informative and give me a warm welcome feeling to Japan.


After work I shopped some stuff I need, like a pot for cooking, toilet paper, food and tableware. The Daiso shop is perfect for this, so for everyone who went to Japan or Tokyo and you have to buy your stuff by yourself go to Daiso. They have everything for 100 Yen and if it more expensive than that they will print it on the product.


So after shopping I want to go downtown. So I walked from my Apartment to the Kinshichō Station and bought there my IC Card. The IC Card is like a prepaid train ticket, if you enter your start station you have to check-in. Then you can take the JR and Subway, for the Shinkansen you have to pay extra. If you arrive at your final station just check-out and the price for the ride will be automatically subtract from your loaded IC Card. A very simple and easy to use system, I wish we had it in Germany to.


So I went from Kinshichō Station to the Akihabara Station and when you leave the station you know why Tokyo is such a cool City. On the other side of the street is a big skyscraper everything is lighten up and it’s so clean everywhere.


And when I walked to my destination I noticed that there is no smell. Normally a big City like this have stinky streets or the air is just not fresh and polluted by exhausts or fumes. But in the central the air is clean. Of course there are smells if you passed restaurants or waste bins, but in the border districts there are more intense scents.


Back to the nice things about here. After I passed a corner I felt like I’m in a movie. Everywhere little shops, bright and busy, on the street there are hectic Japanese who tried their best to win customers, the tourists look around and are flashed from this moment, just like me. It was like in a movie. The pictures can’t take the enormous amount of flash I have experienced. But they show really good what I meant with the movie like scene.


When it was around 22:00 o’clock I went back home because I want to talk to my girlfriend about this experience. So around an hour later I was back in apartment and the first working day comes to an end.