Sayonara (good-bye) さようなら

Today was the beginning from the end. After work where I do the same thing like every day, I started to pack my suitcases. First I was thinking this isn’t true and made me a meal and read in my book like a normal day in my apartment. Then the second phase began where anger and fury comes up. Why only five weeks, thanks for this short time igus! But this doesn’t last long after this the trade phase began. I was thinking about an expansion of my internship or something like this. But this leads only to grief because it was impossible to stay longer and the next time I would visit Japan is not in the near future. Then after all this emotional confusion I reached the last phase. Acceptance. I finally agreed with the end of my internship and my journey back to Germany. So at 9:30 pm I finally began to pack my suitcases. You may think this is a long idle time where I was struggling with my feelings and yes it was a long time, but I also talked to my mom for two hours.

今日は終わりの始まりです。いつもと同じ仕事の後、スーツケースの荷造りを始めました。最初は、現実が本当の事とは思えずに、自分のアパートでいつも通り食事を作ったり本を読んだりしました。次の段階は、激しい怒りが湧き上がってきました。イグスよ、なぜたった5週間なんだ!この短い時間のおかげで! でも、これは思いは長く続かず、交換条件を考える段階がきました。僕はこのインターンの延長など、何かできないかを考えました。でもこれは不可能で、悲しみしかありませんでした。次に僕が日本を訪れることは近い将来ないでしょう。この感情の混乱の後、僕は最終段階に達しました。受容です。僕はついに僕のインターンの終わりとドイツに帰ることを受け入れました。夜の9:30 pmに、最終的にスーツケースの荷造りを始めました。僕の感情の葛藤は、長い無駄な時間だと思うでしょう、それは長い時間でしたが、でも僕はさらに、母親に2時間話しました。

Tomorrow I have my last working day and the good bye dinner with coworkers. Then my bus to the Haneda Airport starts at 7:30 am, I will start at 11:15 am here in Tokyo and will arrive at Duesseldorf in Germany at 6:15 pm German Time. And then my big adventure ends, too soon and too normal. But I will come back after a few years of Japanese language studying and working experience I will come back to my favorite Country.

明日は僕の勤務最終日で同僚との送別会があります。そして僕のバスは次の朝7:30 amに羽田空港に向かって出発します。僕は11:15 amにここ東京を発ち、ドイツのデュッセルドルフに6:15 pmに到着します。そしてこれで僕の大きな冒険は終わりを迎えます。あまりにも早く平凡に。でも、僕は日本語を勉強し働いた何年かの後に、日本に帰ってきます。僕の大好きな国に帰ってきます。

But for the moment my apartment is nearly clean and I have only a few clothes left to wear and I feel very uncomfortable because I know tomorrow is my last delicious dinning with coworkers. The good bye dinner. After this I will see them not again for a long time. And here I will thank you. You as a reader of the Blog, as a Coworker or as a customers. Every moment here was wonderful and you play a big role in my impression of Japan. And you did it good. To all of you I was able to meet, from the fellow reader and Coworker in the Warehouse to my Coworker sitting on the other side of the desk. It was wonderful, impressive and a big journey for me and hopefully for you too. So I say さようなら (Sayonara) and I hope to see you again when come back to the most beautiful Country I had ever experienced.