The Exhibition はじめての展示会


On Thursday I went with Ikegammi-san to an automotive exhibition in Nagoya. We used the Shinkansen, also known as Bullet Train, to go to the Nagoya Main station. When we arrived the both was already built by the warehouse workers from igus. After a short speech by Kitagawa-san and a short introduction by myself the exhibition began. But first Kitagawa-san has to tie my tie because I can’t tie a tie.


The exhibition was interesting, for the first few hours. The exhibitors are interesting and have some innovative ideas especially in the self-driving car area there was some interesting innovations. But to be true after two rounds around the exhibition area it’s become more boring for every hour. I can’t talk to potential customers because my knowledge about the products aren’t enough to impress or advice people. Thanks to Kitagawa-san because he knew that it will be boring for me, so he gave me the Friday a day of.


Anyway, after the exhibition we went to a restaurant in the 31 floor of a skyscraper that’s about 140 meters up in the sky. The view was gorgeous, we saw the whole city and far behind. As far as it is possible in the night but trough the lights the city have it looks very special and nice. But the perfect view over Nagoya was only one thing why the diner was so impressive. There was also an All-you-can-eat buffet with a chocolate fountain and a special meat the chef prepared in front of you. I can already say this was one of my best experience here in Japan.


Nagoya Tower

After dining I went to the Hotel which was also impressive because my room was in the 22 floor. Because my free day tomorrow I don’t want to go to bed so I walked a little bit, just around three hours, around in Nagoya. Back at my hotel I talked to my friends and family and go to bed.