Nagoya Castle 名古屋城


After the soft wake up from the sun shining through the floor-to-ceiling window I was again satisfied because the view was so impressive. My plan for today was the visit at Nagoya castle and a diner with my Swiss friends I made on the Airport in Munich.


So I walked to the castle and pay the entry. The estate was beautiful green and cheerful, every tree and flower was in their softest green and colors they can show. There where butterflies everywhere and the birds are chirping in the most beautiful songs. Most of the park is in renovation work because it was damaged during World War 2 and the restorations are still not completed. The main attractions is the donjon but this is closed by virtue of wood reconstruction. But the Hommaru Palace was open so I went there.


The building is made out of cypress wood and have a plain look. It was soothing walking through the hallways, looking at cultural Japanese wall paintings and feel the Tatami underneath your feet. A Tatami is a traditional floor matt made out of rice straws.


Back outside I walked around the park, discover some beautiful stone arrangements, which meant to be a waterpark back in time, near the teahouse. At the teahouse was a relaxing little sound fountain who is called suikinkutsu. This is a traditional hand wash device who creates sound while water is dripping down the jar which is buried in the ground. This was the most relaxing thing in the park.


After the visit I went to Nagoya Main Station and take the Shinkansen back to Tokyo. In the next entry I will explain the meet with my Swiss friends and the long weekend.