My first weekend 最初の週末



After I arrived in Tokyo again I went back home and refresh myself. Around 19 o’clock my Swiss friends waited for me at the Train station and we went to the Hard rock Café Tokyo. I eat Swordfish filet and Ribs which looks as delicious as it was. But these Ribs won’t be the last delicious meal I will eat this weekend.


When we finished our fabulous meal we walked a little bit around and met some German soldiers who was on vacation here in Tokyo. But we went home soon because my Swiss friends continue travel to Kyoto. For the first night on the weekend here in Tokyo it was a fully success. I met new people and eat good and delicious diner.


On the next day my new German friends and I met us again to explore the city. Also this was my Sunday activity too. We talked and laughed a lot about things who doesn’t exist in Germany or the experiences we had here.


Because the Monday was holiday we go out for dining at Korean Town, this is at the Shin-Okubo Station and is full of K-POP and Korean BBQ restaurants. We decided to go into a Korean BBQ and it was very delicious. The thin meat slices was tasteful and luscious with a great but fine roasting aroma. But unfavorable we didn’t know how to eat all the nice and tasty stuff. There wasn’t plates and only spoons and chopsticks. We must be looked very strange when we eat the thin meat slices with spoons…




Anyway after the delicious but uncomfortable meal we went to a karaoke bar and sing there, very bad und unstable, but with fun and a lot of tears of joy. After that we go walked a little bit more in Korea Town and then arrived at midnight in our homes. I fall asleep soon but my dream time won’t last very long.