Back to work 連休明けの日


So now I will solve the cliffhanger from the last entry. The unexpectedly interruption from my relaxing sleep was a construction worker with the brilliant idea to load his truck with two meter long, one meter width blank wood plates in front of my balcony. At 4 am. Why? Okay after the beautiful wakeup it was hard to fall asleep again but I managed to get a little bit more sleep. Then I started my routine for getting started at workday.


Today Sugita-san introduced me into the merchandise management system from igus. I have to check if products are in stock or if we have to order some more. It was a little bit demanding because the system is only in Japanese. But with the good explanation from Sugita-san I understand it. I was also introduced into the PR where Tomita-san show me the advertisement from igus in Japan. It was interesting to see where igus advertises and how. Then Satake-san show me her job at igus. She is a logistics manager and have to order products from the German factory if the warehouse in Japan is running out of products. This is a lot of paperwork, or in the modern culture, a lot of E-Mail work.


The rest of the day I was at home because I felt a little bit sick. So no more adventures after work. But tomorrow I will go to the VR Zone Shinjuku.

あまり気分が優れなかったので退社後は出かけずにゆっくりしました。 さて、明日は「VRゾーン新宿」に行きます。