My seventh working day インターン7日目


This is my seventh working day and I’m now able to do some simple tasks. Today I will work again with Sugita-san, he introduce me into a system you need if you want to check if there are enough Links in the warehouse. You can also order new parts from Germany with the program and a more things but to them I wasn’t introduced. My task was to count the links from the predicted orders by the customers. This is important because here in Japan the delivery time must be on point, else the company will lose reputation. So igus predict the needed amount of links for every E-Chain and if there under the safety stock they have to order new links from Germany. A very good system I think.

After I have summed up the amount of links you need for every E-Chain, I look up if there are enough in the warehouse or not. Of course there was three kind of links under the limit, but this is okay for this case you look it up. So we ordered them with the system.



After that Tomita-san asked me if I can pick up something for her from a shop she need here at the office. When I returned Ueno-san gave me the task to translate a calendar from 2018 into the New Year. So I used the rest of the day to update the calendar and a room plan.

After work I went home and make the household. Because I was tired I went to bed early.