【サム:2】First day at the office 初出社


First day at the office 初出社(6月3日)

On Monday morning, I had to go to the office for the first time. I followed the indications Kenny-san gave me and everything turned out fine. Once there, I was greeted and got the chance to introduce myself to the whole staff. I felt a bit nervous, since I had only little preparation time.


After that, I was invited to the meeting room to meet Barreau-san, Okumura-san and Nojima-san, the new salesman in training. There, I learned that a short trip to Osaka had been arranged for me! I was very happy about it, because it meant I would get the chance to take the Shinkansen, a notoriously rapid train that runs across all of Japan. I was also told many times that Osaka was very worth visiting. I, in fact, had plans to go there by myself once the internship is over.


In the afternoon, I went shopping with Jerome (Barreau-san), to get some basic equipment for my apartment. Meanwhile, he showed me a few places where I could easily get food and supplies.


Cable sample preparation ケーブルサンプルの準備(6月4日)

Today, I was given more information about an automotive exhibition I would go to in Osaka. I would mostly witness the exposition stand and meet the salesmen group. In the afternoon, Shimoyama-san gave me a task: prepare cable samples that will be used to compare igus’ products and a competitor’s products. The job was hard (especially removing the outer jacket of the cables), but I managed to create a handful. Back at my apartment, in the evening, I tried to cook for the first time. Having only few cooking tools and pieces of dinnerware, it was harder than at home, but I succeeded in making something edible, at least.


Japanese fast food and Asakusa  日本のファーストフードと浅草(6月5日)

This morning, I had planned to start preparing the English conversation classes that my colleagues would attend, but Jerome needed my help. He asked me to fix one of his ethernet cables, its tip being broken. Then, I had to patiently insert each tiny coloured cable into their respective slots, all at once! It was a nightmare. Luckily, I succeeded and could get started with my own work.


At lunch time, I ordered a gyuudon (beef bowl) at the nearest Yoshinoya restaurant. I am already liking the fast food options in Japan, as they are somewhat more refined than those in Canada.



In the afternoon, I left the office to make the most of the good weather that day. I walked to Asakusa and visited the Sensoji temple. I was excited to finally see a Japanese temple with my own eyes ! I walked around for some more time before going back at the apartment and prepare for the next day.