【サム:9】Cultural exchange and Hiking 文化交流とハイキング


Cultural exchange 文化交流(6月24日~25日)

The last few days have gone by quite smoothly. I’m seeing progress in the classroom, and that makes me very happy! Everyone is doing a fantastic job. I’m having a great time with my colleagues in every class.

At lunch, I often join colleagues to eat in the office. This way, we don’t have to go out and we can make good conversation. I enjoy the cultural exchange a lot, it’s very interesting and refreshing!



Restaurant night with colleagues 社員の方々との夕食(6月26日)

On that night, I was invited once more at a small restaurant. This time, it was a place where they served okonomiyaki and monja, a dish I had never tried before. I liked it, but I preferred the okonomiyaki. I talked a lot with everyone, teaching my colleagues some more French for the fun of it (and learning more Japanese from them). The food was great and the atmosphere was awesome. Everyone was incredibly nice and I had, once more, an amazing time!


Tongue twisters 早口言葉(6月28日)

This time, in class, I tried something funny: tongue twisters. They are exercises of pronunciation and fast talking. Since some sound differences in English are very subtle to Japanese people, it was a good idea and I dare to say that everyone liked it. For example, we laughed a lot when we heard something that went like this: “She shells sheashells by the sheashore”.

今日のクラスでは面白いことをやってみました。早口言葉です。これは、発音と早口の練習になります。いくつかの英語の音の違いは日本人にとっては区別が難しく、良いアイデアだったと思います。もっと言えば、みんな気に入ってくれたと思います。例えば、(訳注:“She sells seashells by the seashore”と言おうとしているのに)“She shells sheashells by the sheashore”という感じになってしまって、僕たちは大笑いしました。

Hiking on Mount Takao & Mount Jimba 高尾山と陣馬山でのハイキング(6月29日)


This Saturday, I decided to ignore the bad weather and go hiking, which can be very fun even when it rains. I had a raincoat and I didn’t mind getting wet, afterall. Then, I followed a suggestion from Tomita-san and went to Mount Takao, located in the west of Tokyo. Since the first ascension only took me 30 minutes, I decided to extend the hike to Mount Jimba, six kilometers farther. On the ridge, had it been a sunny day, I could have admired an amazing view. Sadly, the humid fog was so thick I couldn’t see farther than ten meters in front of me. It gave the forest an elegant and mysterious look, though.




An outdoor barbecue 屋外バーベキュー(6月30日)


On Sunday, I was invited by Yamada-san to a barbecue organized by some of his friends, in Ota city. It was in a park where there was also a big temple, so Yamada-san brought me there and showed me how to wash my hands and to pray. It was interesting! He even bought me a small amulet as a souvenir. Then, we went to the barbecue, where I met many people and had a lot of fun. I tried roasted beef, pork, mackerel and, lastly, an awesome yakisoba.